Guest Post Guidelines

We love to read your posts and your opinions, this is why we allow guest posting. The more diverse content we have, the better our magazine becomes! If you want to write for us, you should remember a few rules for guest posting.

All of these were created to help us find the best articles and find the best authors for us. Please, remember that if your post doesn’t qualify, we will not publish it.

  • Don’t copy and paste.
    We don’t like seeing plagiarism. It’s checked very fast and if your post contains plagiarism, we will not publish it. You can check a post yourself, there are online plagiarism checkers.
  • Don’t swear and curse.
    Our magazine doesn’t allow swearing or any other bad words. If you didn’t like a service and want to leave a reply, please make sure that your language is decent.
  • Don’t be opinionated.
    If you don’t like something, a car or a company, there is no reason to judge everything. You can state your personal opinion as long as you’re not pushing it and it stays adequate. If you don’t like something, please include a few reasons. We try to be not opinionated.
  • Write in clear sentences.
    Don’t make your writing too complex. Don’t overuse passive voice or create sentences that are too long. Remember, the most beautiful things are always simple and laconic.
  • Stay on your topic.
    As much as we love broad discussions and understand your emotions, we don’t want you to discuss everything at once. Please, if you choose a topic, stay on it and don’t wander off.

Usually, we try to notify each author when their post will be published or why we decline their post. It takes us about 2-3 days to get in touch with you. If your post qualifies, it will most likely be published. Another reason why a post doesn’t make it to our magazine is that we already covered that topic and you don’t add any information.