Author: Bernie

Business traveling isn’t half and nice and romantic as some people portray it. In fact, it’s pretty tiring and boring as you frequently experience bureaucracy, delays and mistreatment. If you know someone who frequently travels and you have no idea what to give that person as a present, there are some great ideas to try.

These items might seem too simplistic, but anyone who travels a lot knows how important those small things are when it comes to traveling.

  • Good headphones/earbuds.
    Very simple, yet very effective. As a traveler and a person who doesn’t like noises around, you will need those. Being stuck in lines, airports, shops, waiting, listening to people chatting loudly is hard for anyone. That’s why you need good earbuds that will cut off the noise.
  • A smart suitcase.
    These are a new step in our world. Right, this present is more on the expensive side, but it’s very useful. Your suitcase can slide next to you with remote controls and it has portable batteries, USB ports and cool things inside. Some models even have scales! You can have everything you need in one tiny suitcase.
  • Wi-fi hotspot.
    Good Wi-fi is crucial to have, however, it’s hard to find at some airports and cities. If you don’t want to run around, trying to catch a signal, you need a personal hotspot. It’s a useful thing that you can carry around easily. A must for a traveler.
  • Amazon TV stick.
    This is not an obvious one. You might think that Amazon stick is only suitable for houses, however, you can use it anywhere. If you’re stuck in China and you don’t want to watch weird foreign shows, you might need that stick. Chances are, your traveler hasn’t thought about this one yet, but they will definitely appreciate a gift like that.
  • A steamer.
    Right, who would even think about a steamer? These things were quite common in the hotels before, but now they are considered archaic. However, if you are a business traveler, you have to look presentable 24/7, which is very hard. A portable steamer will allow a traveler to fix their looks fast and without noises. That’s a crucial thing to have when you travel.
  • An e-reader with books on it.
    Don’t give your traveler a book, it’s way too Plus, chances are, they will forget to take it with them. However, if you give a person an e-reader device with a few books on it, they will appreciate it better. It’s a good thing to have when you’re waiting at an airport. Much better than sticking to those YouTube videos.
  • Portable phone battery.
    This simple thing is a real lifesaver, especially when you’re stuck at the airport. If you have Wi-fi connection you can’t expect your phone to last forever, right? A portable battery with 20,000 mAh will help you stay connected and watch your favorite films, scroll the net, etc. Some of those have solar panels in them, so you can recharge a battery on the go. Quite useful!

If you want to make a good present to your traveler, consider these. You can find cheaper and more expensive presents, all of which will be useful for a person who spends plenty of time on the go.

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