About Us

Do you like luxury and straight smooth lines? We definitely do, that’s why we started this magazine! It’s a safe place for us to talk about the most beautiful cars in the world – about limos. We believe these vehicles to be the most efficient and elegant in the world.

Our Topics

You can find different articles in our magazine. We always welcome new writers and readers’ posts, so we cover the most different areas and topics. Hope that you will find something you will like here.

If you’re interested in purely mechanical aspects, our writers cover those in limo reviews. Recently we started a rubric where we compare different engines and brands, without referring to a specific car only. It’s also a place where you can discuss things and state your opinions. We always welcome people who know a thing or two about limos.

We have tips and tricks section, where you can find many interesting pieces of advice that will help you choose the best car, the best color, the best company, etc. We write those articles based on our own experience and our own thoughts.

We have reviews section where you can leave your own thoughts. If you ever used a private limo company or you’re planning to use one, you will benefit from this section. You can find a review of practically every limo service throughout the country! And we are still working to create those for the missing ones!

Our Team

We gathered a team of passionate people together and we always welcome new members if they share our vision. We have many authors on our team. Jane takes care of the mechanical part, as she loves cars and is very competent in this area.

Audrey is passionate about different services and when she used to travel a lot, she dealt with many of those, so she often leaves reviews and comments on different services. Jimmy loves to advise something to people, which is why he works hard to fill our tips section.

Ian, who is our IT guy, has been working in the industry for 4 years now and keeps our site and small community up and running. He is very creative and sometimes he helps us out when we run out of ideas and fresh thoughts. He is a very optimistic person and sometimes he carries out discussions with our readers.

This is our stable usual team. Other members come and go, but we try to welcome new readers and members of our group. If you want to work with us and write for us, you can always e-mail us. We would love to see another face among us!